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ETA® Certified Fiber Training & FCC Testing


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JM Fiber Optics as been conducting vendor neutral fiber optic certification training courses since 1994. With hundreds of students successfully completing one of our open enrollment and customized training courses, JM Fiber Optics has become a leading communication fiber optic training provider in North America. In addition to professional ETA® certification training, JM Fiber Optics offers our own a 3-day advanced Testing & Troubleshooting course along with custom fiber optic technician training and Element 1 & Element 3 FCC testing, for anyone interested in obtaining their FCC license.

Why become an ETA® Certified Professional?

Professionals holding an ETA® certification can be found in worldwide workplaces as consultants, designers, installers, managers, and supervisors. Being a certified ETA® professional gives you the competitive edge in the truly exciting and rewarding fiber optics industry. ETA® is accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC). Can’t make it to one of our open enrollment courses but need immediate training? No problem, we’ll can come to you. Whether you are interested in an ETA® certification course or one specifically developed for your needs, we can teach it at your location (minimum 10 students).

No Need For Field Trips!

Our training lab is fully equipped with live 10GbE switches, public address system, digital signage and POE security cameras. They all run on the same bend-Insensitive, OS2, singlemode fiber optic cable backbone. Students will be splicing and terminating OSP and ISP fiber cable. They will test a live fiber backbone and network switches using an OTDR and OLTS. If you would like to use your own fiber equipment, feel free to bring with you. It will be used alongside our own equipment during the hands-on lab training.

Why Training Through JM Fiber Optics?

  • Our certified instructors are technically skilled, with a wide variety of practical experience in both military and commercial applications. This “real world” experience allows us to give you unique insights into your fiber projects.
  • In our training courses, you will learn from a unique balance of classroom lecture and hands-on lab time. At least 75% of class time is in a hands-on environment for your specific course with an average “students to instructor” ratio of 7 to 1.
  • Our ETA® approved training courses are 5 days versus other “suitcase training” that is taught for 3 days or less with little to no hands-on instruction.
  • We have our own specialized training lab that is second to none!
  • We provide each student with his or her own tools to use during training.
  • We use the latest test and splice equipment from leading industry manufacturers.
  • Our training gives students the overall knowledge about products, tools, and equipment they will need without the influence of a specific manufacturer or price.


If you have any questions regarding training offered by JM Fiber Optics, feel free to give a call during normal business hours (PDT) at 1-888-343-4237. You can also send an email to or register online.


At JM Fiber Optics, we look forward to solving your fiber optic training needs, today!